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Virtual Reality- The Revolution On Its Way!

Because of the implementation of innovative ideas, the technology industry across the globe is experiencing substantial improvement and growth.

Because of the implementation of innovative ideas, the technology industry across the globe is experiencing substantial improvement and growth.
We are rapidly becoming familiar with promising futuristic technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and IoT (Internet of Things) etc., which are believed to bring revolutionary or far-reaching changes in the way we communicate to the world around us.

For the past few years, some of the most celebrated multinational technology firms have been making extensive investments in these futuristic technologies especially virtual reality, as they see huge business potential in them. And in the coming few years, these technologies are going to influence or revolutionize the entire world, in the same manner, the way smartphones have done when they first hit the market.

Today all most everyone has a smartphone and those who do not have them are desperately looking forward to buying one. Similarly, in the few years from now, everyone around us will be looking forward to optimizing these promising next generation technologies especially virtual reality.

…Take a look, how leading tech companies are working towards developing virtual reality devices


There is no denying the fact that Google Inc. is one of the most illustrious US-based tech firms in the world, which has amazed the world for its incredible internet associated services. However, for the last few years, Google has been investing a lot in virtual reality and probably that’s the reason it soon came up with Google Cardboard, a highly affordable VR headset. When compared to other VR devices Google Cardboard is comparatively very cheap. It was developed by two prominent Google engineers- David Coz and Damien Henry in the company’s Paris office and was unveiled in 2014 during a developers conference.


Samsung – a South Korean multinational company is another important contender when it comes to the race of developing innovative virtual reality devices. In other words, Samsung is working aggressively in the field of virtual reality and has come up with Samsung Gear VR -which is powered by Oculus. Gear VR is a highly comfortable headset, who’s weight is approximately 318g when measured without Galaxy smartphone. When compared to its earlier model, this VR headset now has a wider interface and is approximately 19% lesser in weight.


When it comes to virtual reality, we can never ignore to mention Microsoft, as its VR headset HoloLens is expected to hit the markets this year. According to earlier reports, the developer’s version of HoloLens VR headset will cost approximately $3000.


Since the time Oculus VR was acquired by Facebook Inc., in March 2014, people across the world have huge expectations from Oculus Rift- the virtual reality headset developed by Oculus. According to reports, the consumer versions of Oculus Rift headset is already available for pre-order and its been huge success already.

Apart from these companies, Sony and HTC are also digging deep, when it comes to exploring the field of virtual reality.

So considering the fact that all the renowned names in the technology industry are putting their heart and mind in developing virtual reality devices, we certainly cannot afford to miss the experience provided by them.

Enjoy Friends.