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War of the Best CMS: Part 2 – ExpressionEngine vs WordPress

Technology enthusiasts are always found wanting when some new platform is launched into the market. With such launches, talks and…

Technology enthusiasts are always found wanting when some new platform is launched into the market. With such launches, talks and debates about usefulness of the new technology are common instances.

Comparing this new entrant with the past favourite is quite common too. However, all this creates confusion in minds of actual users who are not so sure what to choose. This situation is exactly similar in the case of WordPress and ExpressionEngine (EE).

So let us now get deep into understanding both EE and WordPress via their comparison to make your choice easy.

What to choose? EE or WordPress

When it comes to the creation of a website, users are still in a state of confusion in deciding which of these two content management systems are best or useful for their needs. Aspects such as comparing functionalities and features of these two are yet not clear in minds of users.

The primary aspect that comes into picture immediately is the money. EE is paid while WordPress is free. This makes the choice obvious for users. However, it needs to be understood here that any CMS you choose needs to have the capability of fulfilling your needs to perfection; hence, just choosing something based on its free attribute is not the right approach. Giving importance to functionality and features need to be your priority.

Let us now get onto comparison of features of WordPress and EE.


Every website owner gives prominence to security and hence, stringent measures are adopted to ensure that websites are not hacked into. Though it is also true that complete security cannot be guaranteed by any CMS available.

Security is an aspect where ExpressionEngine is superior to WordPress. Some security features are inclusive of Throttling that aids users in managing frequency of access for IP addresses for websites. This is extremely helpful in keeping service attacks at bay. Further, features such as Password Lockout, Duplicate Data Denial, IP and User Agent Logging, IP Banning, Captcha, Session Management, Email Banning and such others definitely help EE score over WordPress.


CMS users choose their platform based on many factors. Some people are not concerned much about their website’s design or appearance and hence, choosing a free option such as WordPress is their best bet.

Moreover, being easy to use, WordPress has a huge fan following globally and is a definite choice by businesses to ensure that they have their online presence. In comparison, EE is mostly the choice of businesses that are over the internet for commercial intentions.

So on the popularity front, WordPress is liked mostly by individuals such as bloggers and article publishers, while EE is chosen by businesses. Moreover, EE is also a choice of developers due to the various options it renders for website building.

Usefulness for users

Undoubtedly, both EE and WordPress provide usefulness to users; however, still there are certain aspects that users need to be aware of. Being designed especially to serve purposes of businesses for commercial reasons, EE has some savvy features and hence, using it requires some kind of technical abilities. Comparatively, WordPress does not require technical expertise to start out with.


When it comes to technical support, first-time users will always lag behind if they do not find the right source. When it comes to WordPress, being a free platform, users will almost always have to be dependent on the internet for finding information. They will need to manage and build websites themselves; without any help from WordPress.

Comparatively, EE has a dedicated team for technical support and hence, users will not need to worry if they find some features or functionalities difficult to use or activate.

So when you look at the above-mentioned points that compare EE and WordPress, EE is definitely scoring over WordPress.

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