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Easy-To-Use Craft CMS Plugins Developed By SystemSeeders

Craft is known for its active community, customized front-end development, and a wide range of built-in plugin store.

Craft CMS is a user-friendly, flexible, and fully-customized CMS (Content Management System) for building secure and scalable digital experiences.

Craft is known for its active community, customized front-end development, and a wide range of built-in plugin store.

Built on Yii 2 framework, Craft CMS is used by many brands to power their digital experiences on the web,

To extend the functionality of Craft, there are hundreds of easy-to-install and easy-to-use plugins available. Also, with the use of this framework and API, you can build your own plugins.

SystemSeeders has developed two plugins for Craft CMS which are available on the official plugin store of CraftCMS.

1) SS Twitter Feed By SystemSeeders

As social media become an integral part of marketing strategies, it is vital to keep your users engaged and updated through platforms like Twitter.

SS Twitter Feed is a plugin for Craft CMS that lets you retrieve your Twitter timeline. You can directly access the multidimensional array of your Twitter posts easily. You can also exclude retweets by passing the second parameter.

Some of the benefits of SS Twitter Feed Plugin:

Easy and simple setup (No need to create separate Twitter App)
Match your website style to show your Twitter Feed
Constantly updated with new features, bug-fixes, and Twitter API changes
Increase engagement with your users
Set the number of tweets to show
Continuous and speedy support

URL: https://plugins.craftcms.com/ss-twitter-feed

The second plugin developed by SystemSeeders is designed to facilitate importing entries (records) from a CSV file.

2) SS Entry Importer By SystemSeeders

This plugin is used to import entries from a CSV file.

Supported field types are plain text, email, radio buttons, drop-downs, and URLs.

This free plugin makes it easy to create new entries using a CSV file.

Benefits of using SS Entry Importer:

Easy installation and setup
Automatic import of entries
Quick support

Plugins are very useful in the development and require lesser efforts to setup. They also save your time and cost with easy installation and quick support and play a key role in faster web development.

We are web development experts, offering a range of web development services using the latest frameworks and technologies. If you want to create a digital experience from scratch or thinking to revamp existing web presence, we can help!

URL: https://plugins.craftcms.com/ss-entry-importer

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