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Take a Look at the Top 10 Web Development Frameworks In 2018

Technology outdoes every transaction. It has changed everything from business structure to its outcome and ways of doing business. Web…

Technology outdoes every transaction.

It has changed everything from business structure to its outcome and ways of doing business.

Web development and mobile app development are beyond necessities in today’s digital-oriented business. Online presence of your business is a must-have aspect to drive continuous growth to your business and to keep your business running smoothly on the fast track.

Well, the ultimate aim of any website development is to boost the sales and establish a loyal customer base. To gain the attention of your customers, the website should have an appealing design, great user experience, easy execution, proper navigation flow, and most important, perfect implementation of the business idea.

Right from the business logic, database integration, APIs, website services, caching, configuration, size of the application, and development architecture, there is a myriad of ways out there to be taken into consideration.

Before you jump in any web development for your next endeavor, take a look at most popular web development frameworks of 2018. Modern frameworks have changed the landscape of web development, here are some of them.

AngularJS: Google Powered Advanced Framework

In case if you’re not aware of the widespread use of JavaScript in any web development, explore this eye-opening fact.

“JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language across the world. “

Stack overflow Report

“JavaScript is used by 95.1% of all the websites.”


AngularJS falls under the category of the latest web development framework. Developed by Google, AngularJS is JavaScript-based, open-source framework to design top-notch single-page applications. Equipped with MVC pattern, this front-end development framework is the preferable choice for developers, users, and business owners. Angular 4 has gained in popularity and it is considered as one of the dominant frameworks to implement latest web development trends.

Node.js: High-Performance, Higher Scalability

Node.js is not just a framework, it’s a complete environment. Node.js an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment that is widely used to build highly-scalable apps.

Node.js permits developers to use JavaScript in server-side scripting – making it “JavaScript everywhere” development model. Many have embraced Node.js to handle massive request-response at the same time. Do you know that Uber, Netflix, GoDaddy, IBM, Netflix, LinkedIn, and many other tech-giants are using Node.js to obtain scalability in their applications?

Ruby on Rails:

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a popular framework for web development and is considered to be one of the easy and fun-to-use from every perspective.

It is written in Ruby language and comes with the inbuilt structure of the database, web services, or web pages. RoR is widely used to develop innovative, modern, and appealing web apps. To build scalable and secure apps easily and rapidly, web developers have chosen RoR over others advanced frameworks.

Yii Framework(PHP): OOP Makes it Unique

Yii is one of the most-used frameworks for PHP language over the recent time. It is again open-source, component-based MVC web app development framework.It is built in PHP5 and provides a clean user interface to develop any sized of the project. It is highly reliable and secure as it is a performance-oriented framework.

One of the notable features of Yii is the use of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) standards.

Net: Create Feature-Rich Website with a Standard Approach

ASP.Net is leading framework from Microsoft to develop feature-rich web apps. To create dynamic, rich, and appealing web apps, .Net framework is a preferable choice for developers worldwide since many years.

Microsoft holds a dominant position in providing software that is built to last. Powered by a huge community of developers, ASP.Net is a powerful framework.

Symfony: Modern PHP Framework

Symfony is yet another PHP framework that is the best fit for large-scale enterprise-level projects.

To accomplish the common goal of providing best user experience regardless of the project size, Symfony helps developers to bring scalability and flexibility in development. Symfony is used by professionals to speed up the development along with maintenance and changes.

Express.js: Crucial Player in MEAN Stack

Express is one of the parts in MEAN stack which is popular software stack to build top-notch web applications. Not only web development but also it helps in developing mobile apps. It is a web application development framework for Node.js. Together with Mongo DB and AngularJS framework, it contributes back-end development in MEAN stack.

To develop simple application and web services at a lower level, Express.js is the best choice.

Zend: Prominent PHP Framework

This framework has taken PHP web development to the next level.

Zend is open-source PHP web development framework to create reliable, secure, scalable, and advanced web applications and services. Making most of PHP language to develop clean, captivating, and modern web apps, Zend uses modularized MVC pattern. With the help of it, you can make development easier and faster.

Django(Python): Rapid Development with Ease

To ease the complex and data-driven web apps in today’s digital-oriented era, Django focuses on reusability of code along with structured MVC flow.

It is written in Python and is used by world’s well-known ventures such as Instagram, Mozilla, Nextdoor, The Washington Times, Pinterest, Disqus, and so on.

CakePHP and Laravel: Well-Known PHP Frameworks

Here are popular PHP frameworks which are considered as best frameworks among others due to its powerful features. Be it a small business website or larger enterprise, Laravel is an ideal choice for web development.

On the other hand, CakePHP, written in PHP is one of the renowned frameworks for building websites in a rapid and organized manner. It uses MVC to simplify the complex structure by dividing business logic, presentation, and storage.

Summing Up:

The best framework is which suits your needs. It doesn’t require much technical knowledge to select best to develop your application. You can always ask your development partner to help choose right as per your needs. Every framework has their own unique advantages and disadvantages.

The first step before you go for developing a website for your business would be identifying true business requirement. If you’re clear about website’s ultimate objectives, picking the best framework can be easy like never before!

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