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War of the Best CMS: Part 3 – WordPress vs Craft CMS

When it comes to having a website for your business or any other reason, the primary aspect that is considered…

When it comes to having a website for your business or any other reason, the primary aspect that is considered is some easy way that aids in doing this job. Developers too from their end try to ensure that requirements of their clients are fulfilled; not only in terms of a good design but also in terms of getting things done within time. This discussion brings us to the aspect of CMS.

This article will discuss about two CMS so that you get an idea about which one to opt for while you decide to develop a website.


WordPress is primarily a CMS that is preferred for developing a blog. However, most of the commercial establishments are on the look out for a complete website rather than a blog. Though some of these websites may have blogs incorporated, these blogs form only a small part of the entire website.

However, some aspects such as being SEO friendly, make WordPress stand out. Moreover, a very good community for WordPress is also a huge plus for it. Additionally, the numerous plugins that can be utilised for the betterment of your website are also something that you need to consider. And adding these is also very easy.

If you are expecting some amazing themes for your website, then WordPress has a huge collection. However, though these themes allow you an excellent option to launch your online presence, understand that entering content and the way this content will be displayed is interlinked with each other and this creates a problem if in future you decide to redesign your website. Due to the content being inter related with the design itself, drastic changes will not be permitted.

So let us see the good and bad of WordPress in point format for better understanding.

Why choose WordPress?

You expect a small website or a blog and nothing much
Your intention is to have plugins for addition of features that are by default part of your CMS
You will need to add/remove plugins with ease based on requirements
You are not trained for development and will not regularly need help from experts to make changes to your site

Why not to choose WordPress?

You expect a big website which also does not require a blog
Clean and simple templates that allow ease of modification is what you expect
You expect native functionality and don’t give much importance to plugins

Craft is a relatively newer entrant in the CMS zone. However, developers who have used it already will boast big time about it. For people expecting big business websites, Craft is a perfect option for them. You will find that display and content are not interlinked. Interface for management of content is quite simple. Additionally, plugins are not required in this CMS and it also is quite flexible. Whatever you will require for development is already present in Craft the; exception is advanced features. You will find an amazing feature called live preview which will provide you with an amazing experience.

If we speak about what is lacking in Craft, then it definitely has to be a small community. Being a new entrant, this community though passionate, is still not big enough like is the case with WordPress. Functionality is also a bit complex and this will consume time for development. In spite of these glitches, it can be easily said that Craft has a very bright future and will find more takers soon.

Why choose Craft?

Ease of use
Robust CMS
Minimal need of plugins
Fast and scalable

Why not to choose Craft?

Not a big community and hence, lesser expertise available
Pre-built themes are required
Training will be required to build a website using Craft
It is not free

So this is a comparison between WordPress and Craft. Both have their good and bad points. However, choosing the right one based on your needs is the key.

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