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Lock Your Content With SS Premium Membership

A Quick Way to Secure the Site Content!

Let’s get going to understand the membership benefits and the things that you will be able to do through the membership.

What is SS Craft Membership?

A membership that allows you to take control of your site’s content, gives access to those who have paid for it. You don’t have to use craft commerce or Stripe Plugins to have this province, you just have to create a simple membership site using craft CMS.

Why do you need it?

  • Wouldn’t it be great if you keep your site’s content restricted and prevent only those who have paid for the membership? Only paid users can view your site’s content if you use a membership.
  • The Stripe integration with the SS Craft membership allows you to accept membership payments and secure your content from non-subscribed users.
  • It will help you guide, let’s move ahead, how to set up your site’s membership integration.

Note: Recurring subscriptions are only supported by Stripe at present.

Check out this Important element

It focuses on working with user groups and permissions in craft membership. you will need to create suitable groups and provide rights to each of them.

For instance: If you need to set up super and premium membership on your site, build a user group, named- Super and Premium. Make a membership plan to assign it to a user group.

Key features

  • Easy Setup
  • Content Restriction
  • Stripe Integration
  • Registration Flexibility
  • Easy Member Management
  • Built-In Payment form
  • Subscription Management

    How to install?

    Here is the direction to have this Plugin, In the Craft CMS Control Panel, Navigate to Plugins Store and search SS Craft Membership and click the Buy button for SS Craft membership.

    “Install via the control panel”

    Craft CMS control panel

    Plugin store

    Search SS craft membership.

    After a user has purchased a membership subscription, this Plugin will assign them to a user group. A user cannot sign up for more than one membership plan. The user doesn’t need to set up a subscription plan in Stripe because the Plugin will take care of it seamlessly. However, the subscription options for test and live modes are not the same. Plugin Stripe setup options decide which mode is enabled.

    SS Membership Configuration

    Here is the navigation to SS Membership Stripe gateway to set up Stripe keys and mode.

    After you have installed the SS craft membership Plugin, you’re ready to go. Save the Stripe gateway configuration. Before creating a membership plan, make sure to include the public and secret keys of the Stripe.

When a user subscribes to a plan, the membership plan allows you to manage user groups.

Membership plan

On the Stripe dashboard, the Plugin will automatically create a subscription plan. Since the test and live membership plans are different, the test mode plans are no longer available in live mode. The subscription amount and interval amount can not be changed.


Subscriptions with the recurring plan are currently supported by the Stripe gateway.  Subscribing to a plan can be done in two ways; with the user’s registration, or after the user has logged in. One user cannot purchase more than one plan at the same time. However, a user can purchase a plan if his/her current membership plan has been terminated.

Subscriptions are displayed differently depending on the mode. Only live subscribed users appear only if the live mode is enabled in the SS membership Stripe gateway,

Admin has the authority to manage all the subscriptions, to check each subscription’s membership log. Which includes the ability to cancel the subscriptions as well.

Need I say more?


You’re all set to use this Membership.

You can download the Plugin from the link below,
Click here to download

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